Good Day!

You are welcome to join us today, however our heating system just bailed on us. You can come in and join us or call us for take out. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  1. Eggs Benedict – ham, poached eggs, home fries, hollandaise sauce 12.95
  2. Con Queso Eggs – stewed peppers, home fries, cheesy sauce, avocado 12.95
  3. Chorizo Omelette – home fries, toast 13.95
  4. Duck Confit n’ Waffles – balsamic vinaigrette, home fries, blueberry syrup 15.95
  5. Roast Turkey Dinner – with all the trimmings 15.95
  6. Flat Iron Steak n’ Eggs – home fries, veggies, toast, peppercorn sauce 15.95
  7. Cajun Salmon – home fries, lemon aioli, veggies 15.95