Hello…its me…I’m back 🙂

1.) Salmon and mussels with coconut curry sauce, rice and veggies $14.95

2.) Black and Blue Albacore Tuna on salad with balsamic dressing $14.95
3.) Short Ribs with onion sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies $14.95
4.) Duck confit with berry gastrique, mashed potatoes and veggies $14.95
5.) Beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, onion rings, mashed potatoes and veggies $15.95
6.) Meatball pasta with meatsauce and garlic toast $13.95
7.) Black bean chicken stirfry on rice $12.95
8.) Clams and Fries with white wine cream sauce $13.95
Soups: Split pean and ham or Potato fennel