1)Braised Beef on Red wine&Pea Rissotto topped with Mushroom Gravy&Tobacco Onion$11.25

2)Potato Crusted Sockeye Salmon&Veggies with Squash Puree and Sun Dried Tomato Relish$11.00

3)Tomato Lamb Shank,Scallop Potatoes&Veggies$11.00

4)Seafood Pasta in Tomato&Dill Bisque Sauce-Salmon,Cod,Halibut,Prawns&Scallops$11.00

5)Cajun Chicken on Salad with Tomato Salsa$10.75

6)Wasabi&Sesame Seed Crusted Albicore Tuna,Mash Potatoes&Veggies$10.75

7)Cock Au Vin,Mash Potatoes&Veggies-Chicken Stewed in Red Wine,Bacon,Onions&Mushrooms$10.00

8)Roasted Pork,Mash Potatoes&Veggies with Pepper Corn Sauce$10.00

9)Coconut Curry Chicken on Rice$9.75

Soups-Clam Chowder or Scotch Broth

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